Located in North Frontenac, Ontario, CANADA


email:  [email protected]

Specializing in Stock Photography, Events, Real Estate, Head Shots, Portraiture, Landscape, Nature/Wildlife, .

I have amassed a healthy collection of images mostly from Ontario to Nova Scotia, Canada

Please visit the Portfolio section of the website to purchase artwork for your home or business.


A little bit about me...

Following in my Mothers footsteps... 

She shared her photography work with me through boxes of studio prints. 

I enjoyed sifting through the images as a child. 

She kept them in Black Magic chocolate boxes and the smell is etched in my mind.

Memories of her classic compositions and few props. 

The lighting was what I found most remarkable and how she achieved perfect portraits.

I only hoped I would be able to accomplish the looks my mother achieved in her studio work.

Enjoy your tour of my work.


Roxane Bay