Roxane Bay: Blog en-us (C) Roxane Bay (Roxane Bay) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:31:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:31:00 GMT Roxane Bay: Blog 80 120 Out and About in Ompah Fall is for sure my favourite season. 

Colourful, fresh and my birthday season :) 

There is something invigorating about walking through the forest or stopping and watching the water flow.

The tamarack are turning yellow, getting ready to drop their needles. 

The maples are doing their own thing, red, orange, yellow & gold.

All the time while we walk on a bed of fresh fallen needles and colourful leaves crunching under our feet. 

Lets not forget the lucky find of mushrooms that thrive in cooler dampish weather and treat us with their cuteness.

Get out and enjoy, the view ... the smells and the crispness in the air.

  Soon it will be mostly white.

Wow, white!  can't wait :)


South Bush RoadSouth Bush Road

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How Embarrasing! I recently moved from Nova Scotia to Ontario.  Excited at the fact that I can again visit Port Dover on ALL Friday the 13ths.  I rushed and and I puffed to get all my gear and necessary business cards ready.  Quickly had 300 business cards made up special for the event.  A big "Thank You" for your less than 24 hour turn around btw.  Reviewed the data on the cards to be printed.  All looked GREAT!  Ok .. off to the printer they went!

I arranged to pick the business cards up the day before I was to leave for Port Dover for their usual Friday the 13th rally, get together...

I always loved to photograph as many custom work motorcyles that attended this event as I could.  Some pretty stunning stuff used to come of the gatherings!  What I would do, to let the owners know, is leave a business card on their ride.  This way if they wanted to see what I captured they had my contact information.

OK... fast forward to last evening.

Amanda!  you know who you are!  Gracefully, she informed me that my email on my business card was not reaching me and had this message attached to the return:  Delivery Status Notification (Failure)

Amanda was able to get a hold of me through my website contact info.  Good detective work Amanda!

I then went into my usual rant:  "It must be because you put 2 "n's" in Roxane".  Anyone who knows me well, knows, I will quickly correct who misspell my name.  It did not used to be a big issue pre-digital age, as now, every typo gives you an error message.  Heck, it did not even matter much if you had an error in cursive, which is also a pre-digital age circumstance!  Amanda informed me that indeed she did not put 2 "n's" in my email address as it was printed on the business cards she insisted.  I pulled a card out and immediately was quite embarrassed.

Thank you for that!

I am now sharing the proper business card information with you... 

I will now stick my head in the sand!

How Embarrasing!How Embarrasing!

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Friday the 13th Port Dover Ontario Canada Hey there,

I am not a consistent blogger, but I do like to point out more detail on the galleries that I put together to share.  Link:

To everyone who rode in, or wished they did, to Port Dover on Friday October 13th, 2017.  It was a glorious day for the most part.  It started out wet, but quickly by 10 am the rain had stopped and the roads were dry in Port Dover.  The sun was shinning and the bikes were rolling in.

Predicted around 80,000 people to converge in Port Dover, a town with just over 6,000 residents.  As I walked around, I feel there were more bikes than predicted, due to the change in weather.  It was a perfect day for a ride.

I saw the usual suspects that come and get their T-Shirts and leave.  As well as those who come a day early, like me, and leave a day later...

The event greets motorcycle enthusiasts from all around with open arms, well most of the residents do ;) !

This quiet fishing town located on lake Erie, any other day is a peaceful place to visit.  Come Friday the 13th the party begins.  For a good 12 + hours the town is buzzing with motorcycles coming in for a tradition that is in its 63rd gathering, started in 1981.

I must mention that I felt I was lacking custom bikes to photograph as in years past.  I have been away for close to 10 years attending these events and it seems to me there used to be more custom work to show off.  I especially appreciate the Veterans that were honoured by either their child or grand child on their rides.  Check out the gallery and you will see what I mean.  Warms the heart!

Feel free to contact me if you would like your bike photographed and added to future galleries.  Or if you just want to say hello!

I am planning an evening shoot next eve of Friday the 13th on the pier in front of the lighthouse.  Featuring your bike!  Contact me for details!  April Friday 13th and July Friday 13th.

Ride on









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Gonna miss the scenery in Nova Scotia La Have cable ferryLa Have cable ferryThe LaHave Cable Ferry Brady E Himmelman.

LaHave cable ferry


La Have Cable Ferry E Himmelman.  Since my husband Dennis and I moved to Nova Scotia, we must say, when we felt the need for a boat ride, you could not beat the price and proximity of the La Have Cable Ferry. 

La Have

Once on the other side, there is La Have Bakery.  Nice spot to stop for coffee and a snack.

La Have Bakery

If you have read this far, you may wonder why I posted in the title :  Gonna Miss the scenery in Nova Scotia  ... we have sold our Nova Scotia home and studio.  We will be relocating to Halton Hills Ontario.  It is time to re-unite with family. Getting excited and anxious at the same time.

The internet permits us to keep in touch much more easily than pre-internet era... So do not be strangers and lets keep in touch please.





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New Site with Pikto a Canadian Pro Lab A few growing pains as I set up this new site on Zenfolio with access to a Canadian Pro printing lab.  I will be using Pikto, located in The Distillery District of Toronto.  Which means for Canadians no exchange rates, no duties.

There are also other products available that are not from a Canadian suppliers and pretty cool.  Only Pikto at this point is all Canadian pricing and supplier mostly for prints, canvas wraps and Giclée Prints.  Click on "See All Products" and it will take you to another page with Home Decor and Art prints.

My pricing should reflect Canadian $'s.

Feel free to contact me with questions and or requests.  I photograph Art work and stock images.







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