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Animals, Birds, Patterns in Nature, Plants. The Dandelion Seed pod images labeled TL-TR-BL-BR form a tetraptych or quadriptych (has 4 parts) of 11 x 14 inch landscape.
Hilton Hills Falls Conservation trailHilton Falls - Halton ParksRed Squirrel stareOntario Barred OwlBarred OwlBarred OwlFull-Dandelion 28x22©Bottom Left - Dandelion QuadtychTop Right - Dandelion QuadtychTop Left - Dandelion QuadtychBottom Right - Dandelion QuadtychChipmunk stareHubbards Deer SiblingsHovering Humming BirdPond SwanLadies slipperMermaid HairHome sweet HomePine Hill pathGreat Blue Heron

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